IHC Group
About Us

INVESTMENT AND HYDRO POWER CONSULTANT SOLE CO., LTD (Hereinafter referred to as “IHC”) was formally registered in Laos in 2007.

IHC is an enterprise taking energy investment as the core business and integrating engineering contract and international consulting service as the main body.

Business Scope

Hydropower, Transmission line, Mining, Commercial real estate, Shooting sports, Tourism


Electricity, Mining


Power transmission lines, Power stations and substation, Dam, Stone field, Electric power, Bridge and Culvert, Housing

International Trade

Commodities and Others

“Integrity, Pragmatically, Collaboration,
Development and Mutual benefit”

IHC Concept
Customer and Partner

The main customers and partners of IHC are mostly state-owned enterprises from China and Laos, and professional teams from other countries.