Business Scope
Main Business Scope

Since establishment, after rapid development, accumulation of internal strength, IHC has a firm foothold in Laos Market, accumulated rich experience in project investment, investment consulting and construction subcontracting. IHC has a professional investment team, mainly invests in hydropower, thermal power, transmission lines, coal mines and other industries. IHC also invests in commercial real estate, special tourism zone, shooting sport and characteristic farm and International Trade and other industries.

Investment aspect

  • Hydropower project investment
  • Transmission line project investment
  • Mining project investment
  • Commercial real estate project investment
  • Shooting sports project investment
  • Tourism investment
Other Business Scope

Consulting aspect

  • Electricity project
  • Mining project

Construction aspect

  • Undertake large power transmission lines, power stations and substation
  • Undertake dam, large stone field construction
  • Access road construction
  • Undertake electric power, mineral exploration and construction
  • Undertake road, bridge and culvert construction
  • Undertake large housing construction and so on

International Trade aspect

  • commodities and others