About Us
Company Profile

INVESTMENT AND HYDRO POWER CONSULTANT SOLE CO., LTD (Hereinafter referred to as “IHC”) was formally registered in Laos in 2007.

IHC is an enterprise taking energy investment as the core business and integrating engineering contract and international consulting service as the main body.

Relying on the abundant market resources, stable political situation, friendship and close cooperation between China and Laos, government support to the company and President’s solid financial strength, IHC has become the most powerful and influential local enterprise in energy industry, investment consulting and engineering construction in Laos.


It has promoted the establishment of Laos Mining Development Co., Ltd. and has cooperated with three projects including silicon iron ore, aluminum ore and gold mine project.

IHC is the enterprise most recognized by Lao national government and Electricite du Laos with the highest reputation and the highest satisfaction.

Corporate Vision

Based on the vision of [Integrity, Pragmatically, Collaboration, Development and Mutual benefit], IHC has become a diversified international comprehensive enterprise that integrates energy investment, energy consulting, engineering construction, real estate, tourism development and so on. IHC has positively respond to Chinese “The Belt and Road” Initiative, stick to and carry on “The 8th FiveYear National Socio-economic Development Plan” and “landlocked to land-linked” of Laos, to further enhancing the tiles between China and Laos, and bringing wellbeing to the Lao People.